Dr. Sirey was on Weill Cornell's On the Mind Podcast to talk about our projects PROTECT, DMFB, and TRIO!

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In this episode called "On Late Life Depression: Connecting Older Adults to Care They Need", our PI Jo Anne Sirey, Ph.D., talked about depression in older adults with host Daniel Knoepflmacher, M.D.. Listen for a discussion that identifies key aspects of late life depression and highlights available resources for treatment in New York.

While describing treatment methods, Dr. Sirey explains the importance of community-based approaches featuring personalized elements that help address the diverse needs of a multicultural, urban population. She also describes the important challenges and opportunities that technology creates in the delivery of psychiatric care for older adults in the community.

Dr. Sirey introduced our programs PROTECT, Do More Feel Better, and Trio dedicating to improve the mental health of middle-aged and older adults during this episode. 

Providing Options To Elderly Clients Together (PROTECT) is an ALACRITY funded intervention designed by Dr. Jo Anne Sirey in collaboration with the New York City Department for the Aging to focus on supporting older adults who have experienced elder abuse and are exhibiting symptoms of depression.

Do More, Feel Better is a 9 week program that focuses on combating loneliness and low mood.

Trio for Successful Aging (TRIO) provides education and counseling at 20 older adult/senior centers, and trained social workers at senior centers arrange activities that are designed to support emotional health and decrease loneliness among older adults while providing services in English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Cantonese.

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